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W.E. will meet at 7:30am at Toms Burgers for breakfast, coffee and bench racing. After breakfast we will head East on Hwy 247 before turning left on Camp Rock Rd. We will head down a couple miles to find a good staging area. Once on bikes we will head into Cougar Buttes where there will be multiple route options for all skill levels. No License plates require. Please wear your stripes if possible. This is our chance to act like the rascals that W.E. are and help others. Whether you can join us on the ride or not your donation will go a long way to help get clean drinking water to those desperately in need. Our friends at "Waves for Water" need our help to get out and affect change, W.E. RUN AS ONE. Time to turn some DUST TO WATER for a great cause. For more info head over to as we have goods that will also help donate more to the cause!
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    Apple Valley , California

Dust to Water

Apple Valley , California
Money Raised$575
People Impacted1,725
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