Calling All Rascals!

The time has come for us rascals to roundup, as a unified front, to tackle a global issue–water inequality. Rascal’s Roundup is a global fundraising event, created around two things: your rascal spirit and the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to clean water. Making World Water Day (March 22) a celebration, and protest, all in one. Activism, done our way. An opportunity to celebrate something we love while taking action towards something we don’t.

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Why Rascal's

We created Rascal’s Roundup to celebrate the rascal spirit in all of us; while using that same spirit to tackle a global issue, by supporting the work of Waves For Water. Because frankly, us modern rascals, we love our planet just as much as we love mischief. So, we thought we’d create a platform to do both.  It’s time for that rascal on your shoulder to play hooky once again, but this time we’re giving you an opportunity to impact the world in the process.

All funds raised will benefit

How It Works

01 - Sign Up

Sign up for Rascal’s Roundup, March 22, 2021! Once you’re registered, choose your sport (surf, snow, bike) and decide whether you’d like to join an existing Rascal’s Roundup in your area or create your own.

02 - Enlist

Rally your crew of rascals, near and far, to sign up (if they haven’t already). If they are near, have them join your Rascal’s Roundup. If they are far, help them create a Rascal’s Roundup of their own.

03 - Fundraise

Now that your Rascal’s Roundup is set, it’s time to get support. Get the word out to your network of friends, family, co-workers, social media followers, etc., asking them to donate to your Rascal’s Roundup by sharing your RR profile page URL. By hitting new fundraising thresholds you’ll unlock Rascal Rewards. Awesome rewards from our participating sponsors will be given to rascals that raise $175, are the top three fundraisers in each sport, and the top fundraiser overall.

04 - Look the Part

Dress the part! Black & white stripes represent Rascal’s Roundup and its cause, here’s why: Literally - the global water crisis is a black-and-white issue–people either have access to clean water or they don’t. Figuratively - our chosen mascot to represent the rascal spirit that connects us all is the Raccoon and its rascally stripes! So, show your rascal spirit, and your solidarity for the cause, by having everyone in your roundup wear black & white.

05 - Send It

Okay, listen closely, this one is perhaps the most important step. We want you to absolutely, SEND IT, during your Rascal’s Roundup! In other words, have the best freakin’ day ever, going big with your homies. This is a celebratory moment for all your hard work… it’s finally come! Play hooky, unleash that rascal spirit, and do it all in the name of clean water.

06 - Go Viral

Post images from your Rascal’s Roundup using #rascalsroundup. Don’t be shy! This is the way for everyone to see the impact we can have when rascals unite. It’s also a way for rascals across the world to share their awesome adventures with one another, on that day. 




Rascal Rewards are rewards from our participating sponsors, unlocked by rascals, when they hit a new fundraising threshold. Awesome rewards are given to rascals that hit $175, are the top three fundraisers in each category (surf, snow, bike), and an extremely awesome reward will be given to the top fundraiser overall.

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